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Simon Prickett

21 Antonius Villas   Bowgreave   Garstang   Preston    PR3 1YD
Tel / Fax: +44 (0)1995 602621
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(Innovative printed designs for infant,
children and juniors for fashion.)

Greeting Cards & Gift-wrap


Fine Art

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I am a dedicated, hard-working, ambitious and conscientious designer needing to be
involved in creative design on either a freelance or employment basis.  My key skills
include self motivation with a positive attitude to work, enthusiastic and determined to
succeed, ability to work under pressure in a busy environment either on own initiative
or as part of a team, commercial awareness and self disciplined and reliable.

During the past twelve months I have had commissions for contemporary Christmas
Cards accepted by a charity organisation.

I have had designs accepted to an agreed formula by the Tom Lewis Design Studio,
and recently been invited to tender new design briefs for a 2nd design studio.

This freelance work is filling part of my time but I have the capability of additional work
including illustrations for children's books which will be available soon.

In my spare time I am a member of a voluntary organisation which takes local
handicapped children on holiday.  My other interests are reading, walking, cycling
and swimming, listening to music and anything in the creative field.  I also do some
voluntary work for the Bowland Trust, involving practical hand work for people with
severe learning difficulties, using art and design as an introduction to explanation.

I am now on the Design Initiative design bank website.  If you would like to see more
of my work please look at

My artwork can also be seen in a local gallery.

I was commissioned to print Greeting Cards by a local business for Christmas ,
 and  have been commissioned by a local retailer to produce 3D novelty
pictures for children

Please note that the designs on this page have been reproduced in a format
suitable for display on the web and do not truly reflect the quality and presentation
of the originals.  Commissions undertaken to set briefs.


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'Vincent The Vampire'

'Vincent The Vampire'

'The Ape & The Gorilla'

'The Ape & The Gorilla'

'Ernie's Rocket'

'Ernie's Rocket'

'I Wish Book'

'I Wish Book'

'Xmas Card Artwork'

'Xmas Card Artwork'

'Eddie & Friends'

'Mo's & Milly's Strange Tales'

'In The Red Box'

Line Design 1
Greeting Cards & Gift-wrap

Where do you look at new design for cards with meaning?
The Snow Old English Scene, Dad's Golf or Car, Champagne Greeting, Numbers, The
Robin in the Snow, The Country Scene?  Everybody's been there and bought the T-shirt.

Simon has a 3 x S theme; Simon's, Sincerity and Simplicity

New original designs that are simplicity in total origin and eye catching for sincere appeal.

These cards are totally unique and will be so attention focused that they could well be
the next revolution in simple, artistic card design.


Fishing Boats

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Fabric Designs

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9
Line Design 1

For further information or details please send your email to:
or alternatively
+44 (0)1995 602621
Mobile: 0177 542 7174

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