Tom Dodson - 'Backyard III'

'Backyard III'

Approx. Image Size: 18" x 14"

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On May Day, the backyard would be bright with coloured paper streamers draped over the washing lines.  Children from the neighbouring houses were busy for days beforehand, preparing an old brush stave to serve as a Maypole or rehearsing their songs about the British Empire.  There were arguments as to who was to be the May Queen, the pageboy or the crown bearer and about who was to hold the Queen’s train.  A boy was allowed to carry the Maypole whilst girls sang and danced from door to door, begging a few coppers from people who answered their knock.  The boy carrying the Maypole always looked embarrassed, worried that his friends would make fun of him.  But, at the end of the day, he always had last laugh.  He would get a share of the takings!