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Revell Airbrush
Revell Airbrush Spray Gun master class Professional -- Spray Gun master class Professional Ref: 1711909 spray paint large surfaces and also create great ageing and camouflage effects Airbrushing is probably the most sophisticated method of applying colour to a surface. Perfect colour blending and special effects can only be achieved with an Airbrush. The reason for this versatility lies in the fact that when airbrushing


Revell Airbrush
Spray Gun Revell airbrush starter class-Ref: 1711906 Contents 1 x Spray Gun Revell airbrush starter class Manufacturer: Revell 29701


Humbrol enamel paint tinlets
Humbrol enamel paint tinlets

Revell and Humbrol enamel Paint and Art Materials


Revell Modellbau: Email Color - for an impressively realistic color design Revell offers hobby craftsmen and young engineers the opportunity to recreate historical vehicles and airplanes with great attention to detail. Of course, the colour design of the model also plays a decisive role. A realistic design is the goal of every model maker. For this reason Revell Modellbau has developed the Email Color. This is a synthetic resin enamel lacquer that is sold in handy 14 ml cans. The colours do not attack the plastic surface of the models and are therefore ideal for painting the filigree components. A wide range of colours, different effects and easy application make the Email Color so popular with Revell fans. The right colour for every model The Revell range comprises a total of 88 different shades. With the exception of the signal colours, these can be mixed with each other as desired, so that the hobbyist has an almost infinite variety of possible colours at his disposal. The Email Color is also available with exciting effects. With an interplay of silky matt, glossy, matt and metallic surfaces, the painted models appear surprisingly realistic and sophisticated. Thanks to the thinner, a lower opacity can be easily achieved. In addition to the classic individual cans, Revell also offers thematically sorted sets, such as a military paint kit. In this way, the perfect colour is always at hand and nothing stands in the way of the detailed model design! How to apply the Email Color correctly A very special feature of the Email Color is that it can not only be applied with a conventional brush. Mixed with the Color-Mix thinner, the modeler can also apply it with an airbrush gun. This proves to be an enormous advantage especially for the even colouring of larger surfaces. Airbrushing is a precise and efficient method which is not only practical but also a lot of fun. Basically, you have to take care not to mix the enamel color colors with other color series of the manufacturer. Over a dried layer of Aqua Color, however, the surface can easily be further designed with the Email Color. After the cheerful colour pleasure, a professional cleaning of brush and spray gun is required. The special Revell cleaner Painta Clean is used for this, which ensures that the paint dissolves completely and nothing sticks to the brush or clogs the gun. Tip: Sometimes it makes sense to apply the paint before assembling. So even the smallest corners are easily accessible. Extensive range of accessories for unlimited model building fun Revell offers not only useful cleaners, but also a variety of different brushes in its range. Always provided with high-quality brush hair, the models are available in various thicknesses and sizes. In this way, even the most delicate strokes can be executed cleanly. The manufacturer also offers small mixing cups, adhesive tape in various widths and clamping clamps. These useful accessories make designing with Revell's Email Color model construction much easier and turn it into a leisure activity where inventors and hobbyists of all ages get their money's worth!
Basic painting tips from Humbrol  for Humbrol enamel paints tinlets.
Always stir the paint to ensure a uniform mix throughout the container. We recommend stirring in a figure-of-eight motion for a minimum of 30 seconds or longer. You can never stir too much!!
Some parts of your model kits are best painted before being glued together. Always scrape any paint from the surfaces to be glued to ensure a good bond; the glue's effectiveness is much reduced on a painted surface area.

Always apply paint sparingly on important detail so as not to obscure it, or thin the paint down first before applying.

When applying several coats of paint always make sure that the previous coats have thoroughly dried, or a fine 'wrinkling' effect can occur.

When painting large areas using a brush, it is better to use a larger brush to eliminate any brush strokes.

After using your tinlet of paint always clean around the neck of the container before putting the lid back on. This will give a better seal between the lid and tin.

If you are painting using any technique, product or material for the first time, we always recommend experimenting on either a sample piece or a small non-visible area of your item before painting the whole area.
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discount online art craft and graphic  materials from studio arts
Art and Crafts Materials from your trusted local supplier can now be found online with great discounts

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