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-  you will not be charged until we are ready to post your items.


-  Free on orders over £45

£2.49 postage if you spend up to £5.00
£3.99 for between £5.00 and £14.99
£4.99 postage for between £15 & £45.00
£9.49 1st class only available on small packages or by agreement


- STANDARD DELIVERY is by Royal Mail Parcel , or first class post if size and weight of package permits. Please allow up to 14 working days for Parcel delivery, although this will normally take only 4/5 working days.

Order Online and Collect from the Lancaster Shop with no postage charge, please amend your final order page to say you will collect from the shop and no postage charge will be taken

If you have not received your order or despatch confirmation within a reasonable timescale, as indicated above, please telephone or email us to check on progress.


- Goods may be returned within 7 days from receipt by customer. In the unlikely event that goods are found to be faulty or the wrong goods have been supplied in error, a full refund for the price of the goods will be made together with the cost of returning them at the lowest cost. Please note that we are unable to offer any refund until the goods have been returned. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. If you believe that the goods were damaged in transit, please describe the condition of the damaged parcel on arrival and keep any damaged pieces, a photograph would be useful.


- Your satisfaction is our future!
In the event of dissatisfaction with the condition of the goods supplied, errors in processing orders, or delays in delivery, please email or telephone us during normal working hours (Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm). All complaints will be dealt with immediately and any remedial action taken will be fully explained by telephone or email on the same day if possible.
Email: complaints

What is a Limited Edition Print?

- A Limited Edition Print is a fixed number of identical prints of  an original work of art numbered in succession and showing  the print's number and total edition size.  Signed limited  edition prints are individually signed by the artist.  Once a  limited edition size is set and printed, no further copies will4  be reproduced as a print. 

What is the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an Open Edition Print?

- Open Edition Prints are identical prints of an image and  are sometimes signed by the artist.  The number of  prints that can be published is unlimited and therefore not as collectible as a limited edition print.  


Will my Limited Edition
Print increase in value?

- By their nature of being limited in number, demand for certain limited edition prints can be greater than the  number of reproductions produced for the edition.  Once an edition is sold out from the publisher, which means that  the print is no longer available from the publisher but may still be available from an authorised dealer,  the prints are considered to be on the Secondary Market.  This means that the print can be bought and sold by any dealer or individual, often above issue price, depending on supply and demand.

What is a Remarque

- A Remarque is a small sketch in the margin of a limited edition  print or additional enhancements by the artist on some or all  of the prints within an edition. A Remarque, especially an  original, can add substantially to the value of a limited edition  print.

How can I be sure that the Limited Edition Print is, in fact, an actual Limited Edition?

- The best way to be sure of authenticity is to purchase your limited edition print directly from the publisher or authorised dealer / distributor.  As publishers, all our prints are embossed with a unique seal to validate authenticity.  An alternative guarantee is to request a Certificate of Authenticity, which is a statement of the authenticity of the limited edition.

WhaWhat is acid-free paper or canvas?

- Paper or canvas treated to neutralise its natural acidity in  order to protect fine art and photographic prints from   discolouration and deterioration.

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