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Faber Castell
 Polychromos tin 120 pencils half price
Polychromos tin 120 pencils half price

Faber Castell
ALBRECHT DÃœRER watercolour pencils online shop

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ALBRECHT Durer watercolour pencils are high-quality artists' colour pencils for drawing and colouring. They are extraordinarily versatile and colourful, but their special advantage lies in the ability to produce watercolour effects.

A few strokes with a wet paintbrush, and you can convert a drawing - or parts of it - into a painting, with all the advantages of both techniques.

The 120 colours can be blended to form an unlimited number of new hues, either in sharp contrast to each other or merging imperceptibly.

Whether you use them as pencils for adding detail, or as a convenient form of watercolour paints, ALBRECHT Durer artists' watercolour pencils are a fascinating medium offering unlimited possibilities, individuals or in tin sets of 12 , 24 , 36 ,60 and 120.


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FABER-CASTELL polychromos blendable colored pencils sets highest standards in manufacturing its artists' colours. We give top priority to the use of high-quality materials, including light-fast pigments, and the tough leads as a result of our Secural bonding.

There are no limits to your imagination when you use POLYCHROMOS artists' colour pencils.

The wide spectrum of colours is based on pure pigments, ensuring high covering power and lasting brightness.

POLYCHROMOS artists' colour pencils have particularly soft waterproof wax leads. Their smoothness and resistance to smudging makes them a pleasure to use. Available individual or in tin sets of 12 , 24 , 36 ,60 and 120.

Polychromos pencils oil base makes them especially suitable for work on velum, parchments and tarjeteria by Canson

The leads are not brittle, and can be sharpened to a very fine point; this allows you to draw filigree detail as well as cover extended areas completely with colour.

The excellent covering power of POLYCHROMOS artists' colour pencils means that they can be used on a wide variety of materials such as paper, card, wood, or even fabrics. Excellent results can be obtained using drafting film which can be used on both sidesand on both sides to increese colour depth.


Coloured pencil drawing and paintings are usually built up in layers. The final layer can be burnished with a light coloured pencil or a colourless blender using a little more pressure and circular motion to produce a sealed layer to finish off with another level of brilliance.


Rembrant splender blender

Pergamano Parchment Craft Papers
Tarjeteria by Canson
Online discount price

Tarjeteria parchment craft tracing papers
POLYCHROMOS artists' colour pencils work exceptionally well on this heavy tracing paper that is a good priced alternative to Pergamano parchment
Reeves Introductory Level Pencil Sets

College Student Quality Pencils

These quality coloured pencils offer an extremely strong 3.8mm diameter lead. Formulated to offer excellent smooth colour laying properties and colour brilliance. The Reeves Coloured pencils can be easily blended to obtain many different colour shades. The strong leads will not easily break when sharpened and last longer under heavy marking and drawing pressure

Reeves Introductory Level Pencil Sets


Reeves Watercolour pencils

Reeves Watercolour pencils are the ideal combination of drawing/blending techniques and transparent watercolour washes. They have excellent quality smooth leads and colour disperses with a minimum of water. The pencils are formulated to offer excellent lightfastness and colour brilliance. Incredibly versatile and may be used in a variety of different techniques from traditional dry blending to light watercolour washes.

Coloured Pencil Topics



WHAT IS COLOURED PENCIL and why are we bothered ?


Are they CHILDREN Playthings or ARTIST Media ?

Coloured Pencil Topics

This site will answer many of your questions in an unbiased straight forward manner
Fixative Rowney Spray Large 400ml

Ref: 9527
Contents :400ml

Low Odour CFC Free Aerosol perfectly colourless for pastel, crayon or charcoal drawings, with a minimal effect on tonal values.
Acid free

Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
Fixative Rowney Spray Large 400ml

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