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A1 and A4 150 and 300 gm candford card and paper single sheets in many colours Lancaster retail shop
Hahnemuhle  Fine Art presents:
New Art Print inkjet series

Artists paper with inkjet coating for faithfully reproduced copies of watercolour, pastel, and paintings and photographs

The Hahnemuhle paper mill has been producing high-quality, mould made artist's ‚¬ „¢ papers for more than 420 years. Now - in the digital age - we have expanded and developed on our experience and tradition gained in the field of outstanding artists ‚¬ „¢ materials since the company was founded in 1584. With our range of coated watercolour papers for giclee printing, we are already the world market leader in Digital Fine Art papers for professional users.

Our latest product range is the Art Print  series for aspiring hobby artists and photographers. The range consists of five high-quality, acid free, A4 size inkjet paper grades for printing and reproducing artwork and photographs. These papers have a special coating for ink jet printing and have an outstanding light and age resistance. The art and photo reproduction steps are described on each pack of paper allowing the artist easy step by step instructions to produce excellent results.
art print papers surfaces
The Art Print  paper range includes five high-quality paper grades:

Aquarello 170 g/m (Order No. 10 640 322)
A natural white paper, specially developed for reproduction of watercolour paintings. It is a fairly warm white, with a surface structure which reflects the fine tradition and elegance of many watercolour papers.

Pastell 170 g/m (Order No. 10 640 321)
The high-quality inkjet pastel paper has a weight of 170 g/m, is natural white and has an extraordinarily fine silky structure.

Photo Velvet 170 g/m (Order No. 10 640 320)
A high-quality inkjet paper with a velvety smooth surface, specifically developed for photo reproduction. Due to its bright white finish, this paper gives an extremely high degree of colour brilliance and precision.

Photo Glossy Premium 200 g/m (Order No. 10 640 324)
The possible uses of Hahnemule's Photo Glossy Premium are endless: Photo reprints with a large colour space. It is also suitable for finest black and white nuances for portrait and landscape photography.

Artist Canvas 340 g/m (Order No. 10 640 323)
The perfect inkjet medium, especially for oil and acrylic paintings, consisting of a poly-cotton mix, true canvas structure. This soft quality is natural white in colour and has a real cotton woven texture.


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Oil Colour Pads    studioartshop for Paper and Pads
Winton Oil Colour pads have a traditional canvas textured surface which is specifically designed for use with oils and acrylics. With a specially formulated primer applied during the sizing process, Winton paper has good holdout for oil application. Each pad contains 10 sheets 108llb/230gsm in weight. Ideal for either outdoor sketching or studio work.


Daler Rowney

Are Daler-Rowney papers and boards environmentally friendly?

 Wood pulp used in the production of Daler-Rowney paper and board products, comes from managed forest estates in Europe and North America. These estates harvest and replant trees specifically for paper and board production and annually plant more trees than are felled. No trees from South America Rainforests or endangered hardwood species are used. All our paper and board purchases are produced from either Oxygen or Chlorine Dioxide bleached pulps and as such can be classified as Chlorine free.

Daler Rowney
Daler-Rowney canvases and paper for painting with oils and acrylics are made to the highest specifications. All canvas used for Stretched Canvases, Canvas Panels and sold from the roll is treated with two coats of acrylic primer. Double-priming creates a perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics that holds the colour on the surface and prevents seepage through to the back. The famous Daler Board with its unique oil-primed surface has been a favourite choice among oil painters for decades. Specialist papers for painting in acrylics include the popular Cryla surface with its uniform woven textured surface and new System 3 paper, which recreates the random weave of linen.

Ready stretched canvas could be used as projector screen. Stretcher pieces are ideal for making a frame for traditional projector material.

Medium Canvas Panels :For oil and acrylic painting. Acrylic primed. A ready primed canvas covered panel with turned edges. Medium grain surface

Hardback spiral bound sketchpad Daler Rowney
Hardback spiral bound sketchpad Daler Rowney In size A6 , A5, A4 or A3

Spiral Bound Hard Back Book.

Portrait pads of  White Cartridge Paper,

50 sheets of 160g/m,

acid free.



Artist Watercolour Paint Materials

Gum Strip - for sticking paper to a board during the stretching process which stops paper cockling when using wet techniques

Available in 36 mm and 48 mm Widths


Tissue Paper packs Stephens
Goldline Bristol Board Pad's in  A4 , A3 or A2

220gsm weight with  20 leaves.

Both sides can be used for technical illustration in ink, marker and watercolour

Manufacturer: Goldline

Ref. 3399   GPC1A2 , GPC1A3 , GPC1A4


Goldline Marker Pad's in  A2, A3 or A4

70 gsm weight with 50 leaves bleedproof paper.

high quality, smooth, white bleed proof paper ideal for presentation visual aids.

Manufacturer: Goldline

Ref. 2633   GPB1A4 , GPB1A3 or GPB1A2

kunin felt squares

- Kunin Felt is available in an assorted range of coloured squares 12" x 9"

Chartwell Survey Book

this is a pad of weather resistant paper for field work
  Chartwell Survey Book

STAEDTLER pigment fine liner for writing, sketching and drawing
Long metal tip, ideal for use with rulers, templates (e.g. 572 FL)
Pigment ink, indelible (in accordance with ISO 14145-2), lightfast,
Erasable when used on tracing paper, no bleeding when highlighted
With metal clip PP barrel guarantees long service life
9 line widths available in black ink   Art. no. 308-9


Staedtler pigment fine liner pen

  Stretching Paper for Gouache and Watercolours
Stretching paper maintains a flat sheet when using large quantities of water. All weights of
paper will benefit from stretching, as once stretched, you are free to use as much water as
you wish. Stretching works by soaking the paper to expand the fibres and taping it flat to dry
taut. More water will not then be able to cockle the paper.
The important tips are:
Soak the paper completely - 90lb for 3 minutes, 140lb for 8 minutes, 300lb for 20 minutes.
Drain the paper of excess water
If using a manmade fibre board, seal it with dilute French polish first.
Use brown gum strip (not masking tape) to tape edges along their complete length.
Keep the board flat to dry.




Bockingford and Langton are two of the more commonly found watercolour pads and usually have 12 sheets in a landscape or portrait  format.

The most commonly used weight is 300g/m ( 140 lb ), this is thick enough not to cockle under light washes without being too expensive.

The paper is colour stable, mould made and acid free. The best watercolour papers are acid free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time.

The paper has a 'NOT' surface (sometimes known as cold pressed) which is in between the roughest and smoothes texture of papers. This makes it a very versatile paper popular for watercolour and linewash work.
It can also be used for pastels, inks, designers gouache and acrylics.
Made by Daler Rowney and  St Cuthberts Mill


Bockingford watercolour paper

Bockingford watercolour paper pads

Langton watercolour paper pad

  Polydraw is a Quality film dimensionally stable which means originals will stand up to constant handling and photocopying and the surface can be erased without damage

 Double Matt A1 Sheets 50 µm (5 Sheets)  A4 pads Polydraw

Technical Paper, Film and Pads from Polydraw sheets

Gateway Natural Tracing Paper rolls 63 g/m, 90 gm or 112 gram

lightweight, standard or heavy weight quality
  Gateway Natural Tracing Paper rolls 63 g/m, 90 gm or 112 gram
50 Sheets of 8 assorted colours Origami Paper 6" square
  Origami Paper squares
Origami paper 55 sheets squares
  Origami paper 55 sheets squares Ref: 7665

Contents :  These origami paper packs contains 55 sheets of solid coloured lightweight paper, including gold and silver foil.

This Japanese made paper is ideal for folding. It includes an origami project sheet with some examples to get you started.

The paper weighs 55gsm.

Manufacturer: Creativity International

Ref. 7665
Artcel Triacetate Film A4 210 mm x 297 mm Ref: 7457

Crystal clear film for studio and artist work with aqueous media i.e. watercolour & gouache. 100mic Artcel in a pad x 15 sheets. 

triacetate acetate film
  Artcel Triacetate film A4 210 mm x 297 mm  
Low tack masking tape    Low tack masking tapeRef: 8879 Drafting Tape 25 mm x 25 m Lower tack than standard masking tapes to reduce the risk of damage to paper and card when removing stencils and cutting templates. Easy tear waterproof repositionable low tack tape peels off easily. Use around the home when decorating for artists use in card making and all other areas where media needs to be held temporarily in place. Manufacturer: Peak  

Dodgson Shield

Dodgson Fine Arts Limited
Registered in Cardiff: No. 2790288



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